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We asked our staff to share their favorite gift items,

and they did not disappoint. We hope it inspires you!


Explore Barbara Seagram's insights on bridge defense in an interview with Dar Webb of the St. Petersburg Bridge Club, about Barbara’s newest book, 'The Magic of Defense'. Learn key strategies and practice with hands and quizzes designed for players at all levels.

The festive season is upon us, and as you gather with family and friends, what better way to celebrate than with a game night? We've chosen some fun new additions that promise to challenge your strategy skills, offer plenty of laughs, and create memorable moments.

Explore 'Sorry, Partner', the ultimate bridge podcast! Dive into interviews with global champions, laugh at tales from the table, and don't miss the featured episode with legendary Audrey Grant. Elevate your bridge game and join the conversation!

Here is a rare jewel: an expert bridge player admitting to his own mistakes. In this, his first book, England international Ben Norton passionately describes the cardplay errors he committed in various events over a span of some three-and-a-half years.

The theme of Granovetter’s new book, Method Bridge, is to use the theatrical Method employed by many famous actors. This translates to the bridge table as we find ourselves in positions and strategies, and we recall when we saw this before, and use it.

Improving our bridge games is like eating an elephant... We need to do it one small bite at a time. And if it's done with humor and a refusal to take ourselves or the game too seriously, so much the better! Marti's Mutterings: A bridge newsletter for the rest of us does just that.


The festive season is upon us—a time for warmth, joy, and reunions with loved ones. To elevate your next get-together, Baron Barclay is delighted to share a selection of our tested and cherished cocktail recipes. Each one is a symphony of flavors, sure to leave your guests enchanted.

As a member of Frank Stewart’s Bridge Club, you’ll not only receive this enriching column daily but also gain the exclusive opportunity to play through the featured hand on your preferred device, with expert commentary from pro player and BridgeBee author, Ben Norton.

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At Baron Barclay, we proudly provide a variety of card types, including traditional and all-plastic cards. The question is, which one suits your needs better? Several factors can guide this decision, with the tactile experience being pivotal.