Explore Barbara Seagram's insights on bridge defense in an interview with Dar Webb of the St. Petersburg Bridge Club, about Barbara’s newest book, 'The Magic of Defense'. Learn key strategies and practice with hands and quizzes designed for players at all levels.

Here is a rare jewel: an expert bridge player admitting to his own mistakes. In this, his first book, England international Ben Norton passionately describes the cardplay errors he committed in various events over a span of some three-and-a-half years.

The theme of Granovetter’s new book, Method Bridge, is to use the theatrical Method employed by many famous actors. This translates to the bridge table as we find ourselves in positions and strategies, and we recall when we saw this before, and use it.

Magnifying glass

Embark on the relentless pursuit of perfection in bridge with insightful experiences and discoveries! Written by Mark Horton, author of Misplay these hands with me, Misbid these hands with me, and Misdefend these hands with me.