We asked our staff to share their favorite gift items,

and they did not disappoint. We hope it inspires you!

Woman holding present on green background

Susie’s Pick


Vintage Bookshelf Edition

"Sleek, sophisticated, and so fun! Clue has always been one of my favorite board games, but this vintage bookshelf edition is like a piece of art! This would be a great gift for anyone who loves this classic game. Imagine replacing an old, worn copy of Clue with this beautiful bookshelf edition.”

Bundle Offer: Immerse in vintage charm by grabbing the Chess, Clue, and Boggle games together at a special discounted price!

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Mary’s Pick

Magnetic Card Set

with board and 2 decks of playing cards

"The Magnetic Card Set is perfect for playing bridge anywhere, from breezy beaches to serene campsites, or comfortably at home on our couch or bed. There’s a reason this product sells out every time we have it in stock – it’s such a unique item, and there’s not really anything else like it. The magnetic card set would make a great gift for any card player."

Jessica’s Pick


Second Edition

"I have to admit, I love the look of this game so much that I bought it before I even knew how to play. But after my first game, I was completely hooked. Now all my friends love it too. It’s strategic, challenging, and so engaging. Illimat would be a great gift for anyone who loves board or card games, or just appreciates art and design.”

Cole’s Pick

Duplicate Cards

Coded Cards

"The pre-dealt hands in each deck have introduced a fun, competitive edge to my bridge games. Now you’re not just competing with the other players at your table, but you also get to compare your score to the pros that played these exact hands in real tournaments. Duplicate cards are great for sharpening your skills or just having a competitive night in with friends."

Joe’s Pick


The Color Sudoku Puzzle

"ColorKu is a great gift for logic puzzle fans and a perfect way to introduce kids to Sudoku. It’s colorful, and tactile, and really engaging. Plus, it’s the perfect screen-free, off-the-grid entertainment."

Jim’s Pick


A Strategic Board Game

"Partners is the ultimate test of teamwork and strategy. It’s fast-paced, engaging, and requires a perfect blend of skill and cooperation. This game keeps everyone on their toes. It’s no wonder it’s a chart-topper in Denmark!"

JoAnn’s Pick

Brass Monkey Game Night Bundle

All three games for a lower price

"This Brass Monkey Bundle is everything you need for game night. My family played all 3 games over thanksgiving, and each one was a hit. My grandkids were cracking up at some of the answers in “I’ve Venn Thinking”