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As we welcome the new year, it's the perfect time to refresh our minds and strategies at the bridge table. At Baron Barclay, we believe that there's always room for improvement and new strategies to discover in the world of bridge. Our selection of books caters to all levels of players, ensuring that no matter where you are in your bridge journey, there's always a resource to help you grow and succeed.

Keep reading to learn about some of our newest books, each one a treasure trove of insights, techniques, and secrets that will help you elevate your game, whether you're just starting out or have been declaring and defending for years.

Simple Squeezes Made Simple

Dr. James Marsh Sternberg

Discover the art of simple squeezes in bridge with this insightful guide. Dr. Sternberg demystifies the concept, focusing on single or simple squeezes which constitute the majority of squeeze plays. Ideal for players seeking to transcend mediocrity, this book provides a practical understanding of basic squeeze techniques, essential for every bridge session.

12 Important Bridge Lessons on Defense

David Bird

David Bird presents a novel approach to learning defensive techniques in bridge. Through a series of lessons, interspersed with audience interactions, this book covers twelve crucial topics with practical examples. It includes recap questions and defense problems, perfect for players looking to enhance their defensive skills.

Find the Play the

Experts Missed

Danny Roth

Danny Roth's eighth installment in the "Blunders" series showcases misplays and overlooked strategies by experts. With 70 problems focusing on game, counterplay, and endgame tactics, this book challenges readers to outthink the experts and enhance their strategic play.

Double Dummy Problems

in the 21st Century: Vol 1

Hugh Darwen

Explore a diverse collection of double dummy problems from the 21st century. This book, a sequel to Darwen's previous compendium, offers a range of challenges from 'very easy' to 'moderate,' perfect for players looking to test and improve their problem-solving skills.

To Ruff or Not to Ruff

Dr. James Marsh Sternberg and Danny Kleinman

This comprehensive guide explores the complexities of trump suit play. It provides players with strategies and insights into when to ruff and when to hold back, helping them navigate pivotal moments in the game and maximize their winning potential.

Method Bridge

Matthew Granovetter

Matthew Granovetter introduces a revolutionary approach to bridge, blending Method acting techniques with card suit visualization. This innovative guide helps players improve their game by focusing on suit shapes rather than card counting, offering a fresh perspective on bridge strategy.

Why I Lose at Bridge

Ben Norton

Join England international Ben Norton as he candidly shares his cardplay errors over several years. From local games to world-class competitions, this book provides instructive insights and entertaining anecdotes, making it a unique resource for players of all levels.

Slams Quick Reference Deck

The St. Petersburg Bridge Club

This deck is a valuable tool for players aspiring to bid and make more slams. It includes foundational concepts, various slam bidding techniques, and strategies for effective communication with your partner, enhancing your slam bidding system.

Disrupt the Defenders

Danny Roth

Learn to outmaneuver defenders and maximize trick-taking opportunities. This book covers tactics like ducking tricks, arranging blockages, and managing entries, all crucial for disrupting defender communications. Includes quizzes to test and apply your knowledge.

45th World Bridge Team Championships

2021 - Salsomaggiore Terme

The official book of the 2021 World Bridge Championships in Italy, featuring comprehensive coverage, photographs, results, and expert analysis. A must-have for enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering an in-depth look at this major event.

World Bridge Championships 2022


This official book chronicles the 2022 World Bridge Series in Poland. Packed with full-color pages, photographs, and detailed coverage of the championship events, it's an essential resource for fans and players, providing a complete overview of this significant bridge competition.

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